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Brand localization in China: helping brands enter the Chinese market successfully

Brand localization in China

The three most frequent strategies used by brands to enter new markets are standardization, localization and glocalization, and there are some subtle differences between the three. Understanding them can better help the brand to resonate with customers around the globe. Standardization focused on making products, services, and processes consistent across regions; whilst localization adapts its […]

How to make your brand go viral: branded mini movies in China

Mini movies are short cinematic creations shot for a specific product or brand. The general duration is less than 30 minutes. Branded mini movie was born with the development of new media technology and has become an emerging marketing tool in recent years. The essence of branded mini movie is information dissemination aimed at demonstrating […]

Market Tidbits transcript #6: Nostalgia marketing in China

brands doing nostalgia marketing in China

Allison Malmsten, media manager at daxue consulting, is talking with Grace Yu, project manager at daxue consulting, about nostalgia marketing in China. Our full findings are available for you to download! What is nostalgia marketing? Grace Yu: Nostalgia marketing is appealing to the emotions people felt between the ages of 12 and 22. During this […]

China Paradigm Transcript #106: Creatively multitasking for luxury brands in China

luxury brands China

Find here China Paradigm episode 106. In this interview, Matthieu Rochette-Schneider tells us about his top management experience in Asia, Centdegrés business in the local market and creatively multitasking for luxury brands in China. Full transcript below: Matthieu David: Hello everyone. I am Matthieu David, the founder of Daxue Consulting and its podcast, China Paradigm. Joining me […]

Daxue Talks 89: Online strategies for fashion brands in the Chinese market


In this episode, our guest Olivier Vérot from Gentleman Marketing Agency (GMA) talks about the online presence of fashion brands in the Chinese market. He explains the role of branded websites, describes the different SEO strategies, and shares information on how to open a Tmall store in China. Jump to questions: 0:00 Introduction 0:22 When […]

How brand independence can maximize profits | workshop in Shanghai

branding strategy china

One-Day Training and Workshops On Brand Independence 🗓️ Date: March 5th, 2020, from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (including breakfast and lunch) 📍 Location: Jiaotong University 🎓 Within one day, learn how to: ✅ Gain independence from marketplaces like Tmall, JD, and others; ✅ Define a Unique Positioning for your brand website; ✅ Develop your […]

China Paradigm 55: Developing creative branding strategies in China

creative branding strategies in China

Steven Proud, Global Marketing Director at Brandigo Global speaks with Matthieu David about the creative branding strategies in China companies can elaborate on. In this episode of China Paradigm, Steven talks about specific cases of building a brand strategy, the differences in marketing in B2B and B2C in China, and more. 1:03 The size of […]

Podcast transcript #22: tips and tricks to work on your brand DNA in China

brand DNA in China

Find here the China paradigm episode 22. Learn more about Louis Houdart’s story in China and find all the details and additional links below. Full transcript below: Matthieu David: Hello, everyone. I am Matthieu David, Founder of Daxue Consulting, and this China marketing podcast, China Paradigm, and today we are with Louis Houdart. Thank you […]