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Daxue Talks 90: Brand loyalty and tips to decrease the cost of eCommerce return rate in China

Daxue Talks interviewed Olivier Vérot to learn more about brand loyalty among China’s fashion consumers. We asked him about loyalty program management. And how brands can decrease the cost of eCommerce returns in China.

Jump to questions:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:22 We understand fashion brands are relying a lot on community when it comes to loyalty programs. How do you manage your community and your loyalty program to make sure that you maintain a relationship with and retain your clients?
  • 5:06 About after sales, we know that there may be a lot of product returns for fashion brands. How is it managed, and do you have any metrics to share?

Key Takeaways

  1. When it comes to fashion brands, Chinese consumers are less likely to be brand loyal and are instead loyal to whatever item they like the look of. In terms of encouraging repeat purchases, WeChat mini-programs can be used to tell the brand’s stories or offer discounts. In order to build better brand-client relationships with premium fashion brands, it is best to sell using high-quality salespeople in-store rather than online.
  2. When it comes to fast fashion high levels of returns are normal and must be factored into costs. With higher quality, more expensive brands the return rate is lower. Ensure the pictures of items displayed on online sales platforms are as close as possible in appearance to the actual item.
  3. Trust can be built between the consumer and the brand by making the return process easy.

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