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Chinese social media platforms: everything you need to know

Compared to the western part of the world, the situation of social media in China is very different. Creators and platforms must face more challenging legal environment. Apps such as Facebook or Twitter are inaccessible. Nonetheless, Chinese social media platforms managed to attract a pool of users which in June 2022 reached up to 1.05 billion […]

Leveraging WeChat mini programs for enhanced brand engagement and independence

WeChat Mini Programs are lightweight applications that exist within the WeChat platform. Unlike traditional apps, users don’t need to download them separately. They are cost-effective, developed with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and designed to provide a simple, enjoyable user experience. Understanding WeChat mini programs WeChat MPs eliminate the need for separate app downloads, work wherever […]

Tiffany & Co. in China: Omnichannel marketing to target millennials

Tiffany & Co. in China

Tiffany & Co. officially entered the Chinese mainland market in 2001, but it didn’t open its own store until 2007. At present, China has become the second largest market for the Tiffany brand after the United States. In 2020, Tiffany’s quarterly report showed that although China’s sales fell 85% year-on-year in January due to the […]

2014 SaaS start-up provides CRM solutions for companies on WeChat approaches $10 million in revenue and raising millions of dollars in external investment: China Paradigm transcript #119 with Kai Hong

crm solutions for companies on wechat

Matthieu David:  I’m delighted to say I’m joined today by Kai Hong, founder of JINGdigital. This SaaS company improves brands’ conversion using marketing automation tools. From customer acquisition to lead nurturing and life cycle marketing to customer retargeting, their solutions allow businesses to engage with their customers through their most important social channels in China. […]

5 Chinese companies you didn’t know were using private traffic

5 Chinese brands using private traffic

The phenomenal success of Perfect Diary through leveraging private traffic highlighted this concept as key in marketing to the Chinese market. This is especially in the context of how e-commerce in China is predicted to comprise 57% of total retail sales in 2022, thus highlighting the importance of online customer engagement. What is private traffic […]

Chinese Digital Marketing Ecosystem in 2021

China's digital marketing ecosystem in 2021

This article on Chinese digital marketing ecosystem in 2021 was published in the 2021 spring edition of the German Chamber Ticker, download the Ticker Magazine here! The events of 2020 did not change the trajectory of Chinese e-commerce, but rather accelerated the country’s consumption to a digital future that was, sooner or later, inevitable. As we […]

Daxue Talks Transcript #115: How can brands attract users to WeChat mini-programs?

attract users to WeChat mini-programs

Watch & listen to this episode to explore how brands can attract users to WeChat mini-programs: ▶ Youtube▶ Soundcloud▶ ApplePodcast Hi, I’m Jason Shen. I’m the creative director of Mobile Now Group. We help brands with their digital strategies and lately, we have worked a lot with creating WeChat mini-programs for brands. WeChat mini-programs have many entry points such […]

China Paradigm 119: Building a leading marketing automation software in WeChat’s ecosystem

marketing automation software

Matthieu David interviews Kai Hong, Chairman and Partner at JINGdigital. Customer Relationship Management is part of the day-to-day life of any company that needs to understand its customers better and in turn offer better services or products. JINGdigital is using is a marketing automation software and has been successfully serving 100+ global Fortune 1000 companies […]

The era of WeChat mini-games has come: How to monetize and advertise on mini-games

WeChat mini-games

Firstly introduced in 2017, Wechat Mini-games gradually conquered the heart of Chinese consumers. Wechat Mini-games are easy convenient and easy-to-play: there is no need to download them or install them. What is unique about mini-game players, is that compared to the general population of gamers, mini-game players are, on average, much older and include more […]