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attract users to WeChat mini-programs

Daxue Talks Transcript #115: How can brands attract users to WeChat mini-programs?

Watch & listen to this episode to explore how brands can attract users to WeChat mini-programs:


Hi, I’m Jason Shen. I’m the creative director of Mobile Now Group. We help brands with their digital strategies and lately, we have worked a lot with creating WeChat mini-programs for brands.

WeChat mini-programs have many entry points such as sharing on moments or direct messages, ads, official accounts and their articles, coupons and wallets, and QR codes. Which entry points should brands focus on to attract users to WeChat mini-programs?

Jason Shen: QR codes and sharing are generating the most traffic. In 2019 sharing was generating the most traffic for brands in terms of how they managed to attract users to WeChat mini-programs.

What roles does WeChat mini-programs play in consumer retention and CRM? What data can you collect? Is it possible to integrate data from sources like Tmall? Are phone numbers still used as unique identifiers for consumers?

Jason Shen: For consumer retention in terms of CRM integration, WeChat mini-programs are the best. It’s very flexible in terms of allowing you to integrate your pre-existing CRM solutions whether they are domestic or international solutions. It’s much more open than platforms like Tmall.

Phone numbers are still the most effective unique identifiers for mini-programs to identify consumers.

What are some mini-program tips to generate traffic and attract users to WeChat mini-programs and what should be avoided?

Jason Shen:

Good usability
It’s very important for user retention, if it frustrates the user or takes even as long as 5 seconds to understand something in the WeChat mini-program, you may lose that user forever
If you’re considering how to attract users to WeChat mini-programs and retain these users to a mini-program you have recently created don’t build too much too quickly, launch a minimum viable product, get feedback, and iterate.
Good aesthetics & visual brand identity
By having appealing visuals, you can secure an additional 5 seconds with the users for every page on your WeChat mini-program
Don’t try to dupe users into staying on or visiting your WeChat mini-program, don’t hide what you’re doing from your users e.g. If your mini-program is offering a coupon, don’t make them go through many different content pages before they can access the coupon
Performance reliability
It’s important to have your database stored in China to prevent longer loading times while using the app
Don’t make them complicated. We recommend making the app as easy to use for a brand-new user as it is for a user who has been using the WeChat mini-program for the last 3 or 4 years.
Feature range
This depends on the product being sold or the brand’s platform strategy. Too many or few features can both be bad things. You need to understand your consumer and know how they interact with your brand and tailor the features you add to them.