Mobility in China: Opportunities and challenges of when ride-hailing meets delivery

Meituan officially launched its own ride-hailing APP Meituan Dache (美团打车Meituan ride-hailing) for Shanghai and Nanjing’s markets. Meituan Dianping is a Chinese website and APP for food delivery services, consumer products and retail services. As a very typical representative of mobility in China, Meituan Dianping was originally called Meituan. After merging with Dazhong Dianping it changed […]

50 measures China uses to suppress the spread of COVID-19

50 measures to suppress COVID-19 in China

In May 2020 China’s leaders have declared the coronavirus outbreak largely under control within its borders and life is almost back to normal. Shops, restaurants, bars, and offices were open for business. Manufacturing activity is picking up. The initial wave of infections was largely contained by late March, largely thanks to sweeping lockdown measures. As […]

The Face Mask Market in China: An Enforced Growing Trend | Daxue Consulting

the protective face mask market in China

In 2019, the size of the face mask market in China accounted for 27 billion yuan, with a 10.5 percent growth rate compared to 2018. Since December 2019, the spread of the Coronavirus in China has been driving the demand for medical face masks. Updated statistics that include the impact of COVID-19, show the face […]

Coronavirus Crisis Management | Four brands that have done it right

coronavirus crisis management in China

How should brands communicate to Chinese customers during the Coronavirus outbreak? While the epidemic is expanding globally, Chinese economy is gradually emerging from its lethargy. After the country’s quarantine has just ended, Chinese consumer behavior is no longer the same as before. During the epidemic, we have seen giant brands cutting down their operation like […]

Tips on business management during the Coronavirus from entrepreneurs in China

Management tips during the Coronavirus outbreak

We asked entrepreneurs in China how they coped with the Coronavirus outbreak Our research on crisis management in China has already suggested the most important strategies to ensure business continuity include; embracing social responsibility, adopting technology, caring for employees, and adapting your purpose to new market demands. However to take our research one step further, […]

Podcast transcript #88: How do media cover trends and news around Chinese tech companies?

tech scene in China

Find here the China paradigm episode 88. Learn more about John Artman, TechNode – a tech media in China for westerners – story and Chinese tech companies. Find all the details and additional links below.  Full transcript below Hello everyone, this is China Paradigm where we, Daxue Consulting, interview seasoned entrepreneurs in China. Matthieu David: Hello […]

Changes in Chinese consumer demand during the Coronavirus

Chinese consumer demand during Coronavirus

What does China need more of? We observed Chinese consumption during the Coronavirus and witnessed a radical shift from brick and mortar physical services towards online services in China. Given the number of people self-quarantined in their homes, those that frequented physical stores, gyms, and workplaces, are now trying out virtual offerings. Newcomers such as […]

China’s Social Credit System: What businesses should know

China's social credit system

How China started to measure trustworthiness of businesses At the beginning of the 21st century the Chinese government began to make systematic use of new mediating technologies to measure the trustworthiness and financial creditworthiness of individuals and businesses. Establishing an online financial credit system was seen as key to better integrating China into the global […]

Daxue Talks transcript #37: Workplace safety law during the outbreak in China

virus outbreak in China

In this episode of Daxue Talks, Nicolas Coster, a French business lawyer based in Shanghai, shares his knowledge on the new regulation of the Chinese work and safety law. He answers questions on remote work obligations and issues concerning the storage of masks and disinfectants. Full transcript below: I am Nicolas Coster, I’m a French […]