Digital advertising in China, using simple platforms to engage Chinese customers: China Paradigm transcript #121 with Jie Zhang

digital marketing in China

Founded AdChina in 2015, provides a SaaS-based solution allowing foreign companies to do digital advertising in China across many local platforms. They received their first round of VC investment in 2019. Founder Jie Zhang’s educational experience was at Fudan University, where he studied physics. His previous work experience includes 10 years working for Huawei, […]

Successful co-founders on how to scale a restaurant business in China by creating unique and adaptable restaurant brands: China Paradigm transcript #112 with Gennadii Bochkar and Chen Feng

Gennadii Bochkar and Chen Feng are co-founders of a chain of restaurant bars in China. Shanghai residents will be very familiar with some of their brands such as Bites & Brews, Blue Frog, Barbarian, and Nomad among others. Here, they offer insights into how to successfully scale a restaurant business in China. They don’t concentrate […]