The ultimate guide to marketing on leading digital platforms in China | Daxue Consulting

The incredible popularity of instant messaging and online shopping in China, coupled with smartphone adoption, has greatly helped in making China become the largest social network and e-commerce market. As of 2018, it is estimated that the total social network users and digital buyers in China will reach 616.5 million and 800 million respectively. Under […]

How the Chinese Instant Food Market is changing | Daxue Consulting

Instant noodles consumption in China

Due to the successful “reforming and opening-up”, China’s social structure has changed rapidly and the urban lifestyle has become more and more fast-paced. The average worker has a busier schedule; therefore, do not have time to treat themselves with decent meals.  Therefore, because of the large population base, China is the largest instant food market […]

Unpacking the world’s largest Auto market: Is new energy vehicles the future of China’s car industry? | Daxue Consulting

energy vehicles in China

Since 2009, China has been home to the world’s largest automotive market. What’s new in China is also the leading automotive manufacturer worldwide. In 2016, China’s annual vehicle production accounted for nearly 30 percent of all vehicles produced worldwide, exceeding that of the European Union or that of the United States and Japan combined. Starting in the […]

Personal data is under-supplied for small companies in China

Personal data is becoming a new valuable resource in the 21st century that touches all aspects of society. Personal data can be divided into three categories: identity data, network data, and behavioral data. Identity data includes basic information of a person, such as a name, gender, mobile phone number, and identity card number, which are […]

Underwear market in China: call to action for foreign brands

Chinese Underwear market

In this episode, Matthieu David, who is a president and founder of Daxue Consulting, gives us a concentrated extract about the Chinese underwear market. The underwear market is growing at a stable pace in the Chinese market. During the past few years, the annual sales of underwear in China have exceeded 40 billion USD. What […]