Medical e-commerce in China: Get ready for the anticipated opportunity | Daxue Consulting

Healthcare industry in China

Medical e-commerce in China started in 2005 with the government’s permission of online pharmacy. After 13 years of rapid growth, the basic industrial structure of medical e-commerce is formed. Hundreds of online pharmacies and platforms are offering a variety of medicines and health products at a low price and a fast delivery service. However, the […]

Daxue FAQ – Retail Wine in China

What kind of retail value does wine currently have in China? Currently, value for retail wine in China varies widely. A low or mid-ranged retail wine in the big cities like Beijing and Shanghai can go for anything between $2 to $15, or $100 or more for a good imported wine off the shelf. Is […]

Sport industry in China: Tennis in China

Sport industry in China

Sport industry in China: Tennis in China The Sport industry in China has more and more potential for potential investors as the growing Chinese middle class is generally eager for more sport news and programs. This article discussed what has been the impact of Li Na’s success to the Sport industry in China. Sport industry […]

Forecast China Market

Forecast China market

Forecast China Market Mapping China’s middle class China’s transformation from an isolated economy to a global economic powerhouse has turned hundreds of millions Chinese into eager consumers of everything from luxury bags to cars. The explosive growth of China’s emerging middle class has brought sweeping economic change and social transformation—and it’s not over yet. Driven […]

Market Study on Survey Monkey in China

Introduction Survey Monkey, founded in 1999, is a leading company providing web-based survey. Given its powerful online survey system, Survey Monkey has a friendly interface and attracts customers including all Fortune 100 companies and  famous academic research institutions. People who want to launch a survey can easily build a questionnaire on Survey Monkey autonomously, then […]

Customer satisfaction survey in China

customer research China

Customer satisfaction survey in China Why you need Customer research in China China has the largest single potential consumer market in the world and the forecast of its economic growth rate remains strong in the next two decades. Therefore, China is one of the most popular markets for different international companies, and this means the […]

Matthieu David about Senior Market in China – Daxue Consulting

Matthieu David Experton - Daxue Consulting

Matthieu David Experton, founder and CEO of Daxue Market research China, talks about the Senior Market in China for Thoughtful China. How to reach the China’s silver generation ? Our report on Silver Economy in China: Silver economy in china by Daxue consulting de Daxue Consulting

Coca-Cola in China, development and competition with Pepsi

Coca Cola in China

Marketing Strategy of Coca Cola in China Coca Cola, as the world’s largest beverage company, has a history of over 110 years. The brand opened its first bottling plant in China in 1927 in Tianjin and Shanghai. It continued its development in the Middle Kingdom until Shanghai became, by 1948, the first market, beside the […]