The sunscreen market in China is becoming more functional and premium

sunscreen market in China

Among Chinese consumers, the preference for pale skin as a beauty standard is alive and well, and one of the products benefiting from this trend is sunscreen. With the continuous improvement of Chinese consumers’ awareness of skin health, sunscreen is no longer just for sunny summer days. Many now use it daily in the cold […]

How skin whitening in China impacts more than just the beauty industry

Skin whitening in China

Skin whitening in China is a prevailing beauty standard which has persisted throughout history. In ancient China, white pale skin was a key differentiator to highlight one’s elite social status. Since Chinese farmers and low-level laborers spent a lot of time on the sun, they had darker complexions. In addition, ancient Chinese literature further emphasized […]

INSBAHA x Sanxingdui Museum campaign: Marketing “antique” products to Gen-Z

INSBAHA x Sanxingdui Museum campaign

On July 12th the Chinese make up brand INSBAHA (原色波塔) released their new collaboration with the Sanxingdui Museum (三星堆博物馆) on all their Chinese social media accounts. INSBAHA is a make-up brand founded by a Chinese cosmetics company, Proya Cosmetics (珀莱雅), which targets ‘health nuts and trend lovers.’ The Sanxingdui Museum is located near Chengdu and […]

How foreign cosmetics and skincare brands in China can succeed: China Paradigm transcript #123 with Jean-Philippe Benoist

foreign cosmetics and skincare brands in China

GED localizes and establishes foreign cosmetics and skincare brands in China. Currently, GED is partnering with about 20 cosmetics brands. Having initially started with offline channels and distribution with SEPHORA, they are now focusing on digital online sales and marketing channels such as RED, WeChat, Weibo, Bilibili, TikTok, Tmall, JD, VIPshop, and others. Their target […]

The Chinese Daigou industry explained | The future of surrogate shopping in China

Daigou in China

Daigou (代购) is a form of surrogate shopping in China as a means to receive cheaper luxury goods from duty free shops and foreign countries. Along with the growth in tourism, the luxury market, and increased disposable income, the Daigou market in China has developed rapidly in the past ten years. Until 2014, the market […]

How Winona became the #1 brand for sensitive skin in China

Winona China market strategy

Winona, founded in 2008, is a Chinese skincare brand that specifically targets sensitive skin. Although faced with many strong incumbents in the industry, Winona was able to appeal to customers and rank number one in the sensitive skincare category in 2020. In June 2020, Winona’s parent company Yunnan Botanee Group, a biotechnology manufacturer, filed for […]

C-beauty gone global: Behind Perfect Diary’s western market entry strategy

Perfect Diary entering the western / global market

If you are looking for a brand that best represents the craze of C-beauty consumption in 2020, Perfect Diary has no rivals. Founded in 2017, the Chinese makeup brand Perfect Diary gained widespread support on social media, with its unique brand positioning “high-end quality at a lower price point”. Its products mainly range from lipsticks, […]