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sustainability in China

China Paradigm 114: Bridging Chinese suppliers, brands and consumers to make sustainability core product feature

Matthieu David interviews Hong Zheng Founder of Adventi Communication and GREENEXT. Founded in 2004 Adventi Communication was engaged in communications for luxury fashion brands, helping international labels develop marketing strategies in China. Throughout the company’s years of activity, the theme of sustainable fashion has become a center of focus and that’s why the GREEBEXT project was created – to help fashion brands with their sustainability agenda in China. But how health-conscious are the Chinese consumers and how big is their need for natural products? Is sustainable fashion in demand on the Chinese market? Find out the answer to these questions and more in this new China Paradigm podcast.

  • 2:13 Adventi Communication – a company introduction
  • 7:27 How did the need for a service like Adventi come about?
  • 13:52 Is having a Ph.D. in PR advantage for starting a PR agency?
  • 18:26 The SARS outbreak vs the coronavirus outbreak – how have these epidemics impacted the PR business sector?
  • 27:27 Why are Chinese companies not pushing for sustainability?
  • 33:48 Is the market the deciding factor for sustainability? – the reason GREENEXT was launched
  • 38:48 Are there any companies in China that are making a name for themselves in terms of sustainability?
  • 41:37 What other industries will be impacted by the need for sustainability?
  • 45:40 What social values do brands communicate in China compared to the West and what needs to change?
  • 48:42 Do Chinese consumers buy natural products for their own health benefits or for society’s health benefits?
  • 49:43 What books have inspired Hong Zheng in her entrepreneurial journey?
  • 51:17 What does Hong Zheng read to stay up to date with China?
  • 53:23 What means of communication should people employ in order to get a good understanding of China?
  • 56:48 What unexpected business failure and success has Hong Zheng witnessed in China?
  • 1:02:00 Outro

We believe, that China, with 20% of world population and as the second world economy, is impacting every single business, small to big. That is why it is a new paradigm. How does China impact your business is the ultimate question we will answer through those podcasts.

China paradigm is a China business podcast sponsored by Daxue Consulting where we interview successful entrepreneurs about their businesses in China. You can access all available episodes from the China paradigm Youtube page.