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image production houses in China

China Paradigm 118: From freelancing to founding one of the largest image production houses in China

Matthieu David interviews Rodney Evans, Founder & CEO of Central Studios Shanghai, one of the largest image production houses in China. The photo and video production industry has definitely shifted to a more streamlined approach due to the emergence of social media in the last decade. Central Studios Shanghai, a photo studio based in China, has been able to endure and evolve since its beginnings in 2005. How were they able to retain their coveted location? What services do they offer their clients and how are they managing all the aspects of their business? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this new China Paradigm interview.

  • 0:00 Guest introduction
  • 3:12 Brief company history
  • 6:09 What makes Central Studios Shanghai an international company and the largest image production houses in China?
  • 10:06 How hard was it to keep the current location for Central Studios Shanghai?
  • 13:15 What are the specific services that Central Studios Shanghai offers its clients?
  • 14:51 Has the internet changed the request clients have for Central Studios Shanghai’s services?
  • 19:40 How has COVID-19 impacted the media production industry?
  • 22:04 Current company size
  • 27:19 What is Rodney Evans’s view on artist management?
  • 31:01 Are Chinese photographers starting to reach the level of fame that western photographers reached?
  • 35:09 Current market structure for the media production industry?
  • 37:36 What are the main trends that are influenced by the change of technology?
  • 41:35 What books have inspired Rodney Evans the most in his entrepreneurial journey?
  • 48:10 How does Rodney Evans stay informed and up to date with China?
  • 49:29 What does Rodney Evans recommend for foreigners as a source of information about China?
  • 51:43 How is the relationship between China and Australia?
  • 53:37 What productivity tools does Rodney Evans use?
  • 55:27 What would Rodney Evans pursue should he have extra time?
  • 56:10 What has been most surprising to Rodney Evans about China?
  • 58:38 What unexpected success or failure has Rodney Evans witnessed in China?
  • 1:03:41 Outro

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We believe, that China, with 20% of world population and as the second world economy, is impacting every single business, small to big. That is why it is a new paradigm. How does China impact your business is the ultimate question we will answer through those podcasts.

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