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Health-awareness, technology, and new consumer needs are disrupting China’s Household Appliances Market

Household appliances are normally categorized into two segments: major appliances and small appliances. Examples of major appliances are air conditioners, refrigerators, and dishwashing machines, while small appliances include small home appliances, personal care appliances, and kitchen appliances. Combining these two sectors together, China’s household appliances market generated 850 billion RMB in revenue in 2022. The number is expected […]

Keys to nostalgia marketing in China: Qualitative research on what makes Chinese millennials and gen Z nostalgic

Research on nostalgia in China

Nostalgia marketing aims to capture customers’ attention by appealing to cherished memories. Nostalgia marketing is done through returning to concepts from an earlier phase in target consumers’ lives like family, holidays, and school, through triggers like music, tastes and images, or through pairing with popular brands, products and icons from childhood and early adulthood. From […]

The adult toys market in China: untapped economic potential

adult toys market in China

Over the past 20 years, China has become more and more open. Sex is still a sensitive subject but consumer attitudes and the policies of the Chinese government are more flexible. The adult toys market in China is unfolding and is largely untapped.  Download our report on China’s adult toys market E-commerce, brand image, strong consumer […]