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Follow-up operations in China

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Once you have decided to invest in China and start your project, it is crucial to follow-up the results through adaptation on the Business Plan, the implementation of the processes, and the checks of the operations.
Mystery shopping: Daxue Consulting is managing mystery shopping for you in order to fully understand what’s happening in your shops and with your staff.
–Mystery shopping aims at checking that the salespersons respect the guidelines from the management,
–Mystery shopping is an often used tool for luxury brands,
–Regularly operated, it can provide a lot of information on your operations.
Benchmark: Comparison with your competitor’s products is essential. Daxue Consulting makes it possible to draw a summary of different competing products with yours through a simple table.
–Follow-up the comparison with your competitors’ products,
–Every month, get a review on the products from the competition, the points of sales, the marketing and the features.
Competitors’ Watch: Monitor your competitors’ activity. Daxue Consulting helps you in this time-consuming and non-objective task for a company.
–Follow-up the comparison with your competitors in terms of products, marketing and recruitment,
–Every month, get a review on the best practices and the competition landscape.
Customers’ Watch: Daxue Consulting is a great partner to track the sentiment and points of view from your customers. Always helpful, a customers’ watch makes it possible to be always one step ahead.
–Ask a pool of clients their feed backs,
–Get a summary every month on your customers’ feed-back,
–Make it possible for you to be reactive on complaints and improvement in order to fully understand your clients.
Index: Daxue Consulting builds indexes to monitor specific items in your industry and process them on a regular basis.
–An index can be built to monitor your results,
–The index is a management tool to correct some of your decisions and prepare your future plans,
–An index is also a commercial tool to communicate with your customers or management.
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