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Implement a strategy in China

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In order to help you to make the right decisions and choices during the implementation, Daxue has built tools to help you implement a strategy in a always moving environment.

Point of Sales establishment: Daxue Consulting is making it easy to establish your points of sales.

– Pictures of competitor’s POS so that you can get an overview of the tastes and the common practice wither in order to disrupt, either in order to copy
– Pictures of successful POS so that you will see what is a successful point of sales in China and get inspiration,
– Sourcing of their providers. Daxue Consulting will look at the providers which provide them the material for their POS,
– Overview of their marketing: collection of their leaflets, advertisement (online and offline), recruitment ads over one year,
– Pricing of suppliers to get an idea of the accurate investment.


Tracking your competitors: Daxue Consulting helps you know what your competitors are doing through a report every week or every 2 weeks. Reactivity and flexibility are the core values of Daxue.

– Advertisement: Which ads have they done and do they do? What ads have worked and failed?
– SEO: Which SEO strategies do they have?
– What are their strategies online and offline?  Are they synchronized and how?


Network analysis: Daxue Consulting is aware of the importance of networks at the beginning of any business and helps you build your networks through smart and effective data-mining as well as analysis.

– As the beginning of any business relies first on the close networks, it is essential to know how to target them,
– Screening of the activated networks for previous competing businesses (Koreans, French, Germans, etc),
– Listing of the main events / gatherings of communities in Beijing,
– Strategy to target the events / sponsors / messages.


Communication tools: Daxue Consulting is able to make a list of the tools to use in order to communicate effectively: magazines, ads, leaflets, sponsors, etc.

– List of pricings for advertisements in magazines, on the internet, newspapers, etc.
– Previous tools activated by competitors,
– Analysis and executive summary.
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