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Market study: Paclantic, baby wear in China

Paclantic is a company producing professional children’s clothing and products created by international investment and cooperation. The company was founded in 1994 when the Chinese children’s wear industry was still undeveloped. The company witnessed a 10-year surge in the development of the children’s clothing industry in China. Through the continuing efforts of all staff, Paclantic has become one of the most famous brands in the domestic children’s wear market. Its products are sold in nearly 200 cities across the country and it has been trying to step into the international market.

China market study on the development of Paclantic

Today, Paclantic has become a shining star in the children’s apparel industry in China. The flagship product LawLandee has shown its awareness of market trends with international and urban fashion styles. It achieved very high sales in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities in China, propelling Paclantic to become one of the fastest growing children’s clothing brand in recent years. According to a China market study, since 2000, Paclantic has repeatedly ranked within the top three companies in the market and has held the sales record in Beijing for consecutive years.

China marketing research on major competitors: Boshiwa, Pepco, Mothercare

Paclantic’s main competition primarily comes from baby wear companies in China, especially from Boshiwa, Pepco, Mothercare. China marketing research shows that Paclantic has been striving to beat these competitors and enlarging its market share in the Chinese market.

Boshiwa’s principal businesses are the development and management of children’s clothing and animation derivative products, including research, design and development, production, marketing and distribution of children’s clothing and animation derivative products. Boshiwa Group sells its children’s clothing and animation derivative products through its huge retail distribution network of high-end department stores throughout China’s 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions as well as in 500 specialty stores and counters throughout the country.

Pepco, founded in 1996, is a modern clothing enterprise that combines research, development, production, and sales of brand “Pepco” and other baby clothing brands. The Pepco products target at 0-15 year-old children. “Fashion, sports, leisure, health, vitality “is the brand style that Pepco has consistently adhered to. The company, with self-chain binding the franchise business model, has developed a large enterprise with more than 1,500 chain stores.

Mothercare is an established brand and is regarded as the world’s best and most representative professional baby clothing and products brand. It also owns the world’s largest flagship stores located in London’s bustling Oxford Street to attract customers from all around the world. In 1996, Mothercare was awarded one of Britain’s highest honors for companies, the “Queen’s Award”, becoming the best brand in the baby market.

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Picture source: Paclantic