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China’s baby wipes market is driven by consumption upgrade

China's baby wipes market

The Chinese wipes market has grown dramatically, from three to seven billion US dollars from 2014 to 2019. In 2019, the growth rate reached 21.5%. China’s baby wipes market is the top segment of the Chinese wipes market, which is segmented into baby wipes, regular sanitary wipes, make-up removal wipes and sanitary wipes for women. […]

MetersBonwe: A Chinese Brand at Trough

Daxue Consulting - Metersbonwe in China

China’s Biggest High Street Brand Facing the Cold Winter MetersBonwe (In Chinese: Meters/bonwe 官方网站) has achieved the most popular high street brand in China in 16 years. Chairman Zhou Chengjian won the “Hu Run clothing list”  one the richest man of the country, solidifying his position on the clothing industry in China. The company has […]

Market study: Paclantic, baby wear in China

Paclantic is a company producing professional children’s clothing and products created by international investment and cooperation. The company was founded in 1994 when the Chinese children’s wear industry was still undeveloped. The company witnessed a 10-year surge in the development of the children’s clothing industry in China. Through the continuing efforts of all staff, Paclantic […]