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Retail & distribution in China (2/6): test your products in vivo

Once we have performed an extensive research on competitors’ past experiences and the internal processes in your company, we test the products on the market through the following steps.

–Qualitative interviews with opinion leaders and targeted customers,
–Focus groups with potential customers , influencers (third parties) and opinion leaders,
–Distribution Water-Tasting : establish first contact with distributors,
–Quantitative interviews with prospects and targeted segments,
–Blind tasting with a panel of competitive or close products,
–Benchmark of the products through different methodologies.


Qualitative interviews. Daxue Consulting will interview opinion leaders, experts and experienced persons in your field.

–We will ask opinion leaders and experts about your products through a detailed interview with open questions,
–They will test your products during the interview in face-to-face and the reactions will be recorded,
–We can get very accurate data through this methodology.

Focus groups.  Daxue Consulting is leading focus groups for you in order to better understand the features of the market without any bias since the participants are free to contribute and tell what they really think.

–We gather 8 to 12 people in a room to talk about your products,
–It aims at gathering spontaneous ideas and reactions, put them in perspective from different points of view,
–This creates totally new horizons to explore and ultimately get unbiased overviews.


Distribution Water-Tasting. Daxue Consulting will list all the distribution directions for you, meet with them, test the opportunity to distribute your products.

–Establish a list of contacts for several distributors (shop in shops) in retail and on the internet,
–Presentation of the products in their context of sales in your own country,
–Collection of the reactions and estimates of the possibilities for cooperation as well as their costs.


Quantitative interviews. Daxue Consulting can interview hundreds of people to better understand the opportunities for your product in the Chinese market.

–Questionnaire with yes-no questions + some open questions,
–Statistics based on the collected answers with graphs and an executive summary


Blind Tasting. For Daxue Consulting, a blind tasting is a great test to check how customers react without knowing the brand.

–Test on consumers without the branding (for instance, test on different brands of chocolates and establishment of rankings),
–Objective data-collection and unbiased preferences. You will get a precise view where your products stand from a user’s point of view.


Benchmark. A Benchmark is based either on documentary research, either on qualitative interviews. We aim at getting a review of the competition through their products.

–Comparison of the product’s offer with its competitors,
–Competition overview from the product’s spectrum.