Xiaomi X Marie Claire collaboration: Xiaomi’s plan to attract more female users

Xiaomi’s campaign targeting women

On June 11th, Xiaomi’s campaign targeting women was first released on Weibo by Marie Claire 嘉人’s official account, and gained 25,000+ reposts and 50,000+ likes. In this campaign, Xiaomi and Marie Claire invited actresses, Wu Jinyan and Zhang Huiwen, and seven industry elites to answer questions under the themes “告别过往,生生不息 An Endless Life with a […]

How to do Guochao marketing: In-depth interviews with Chinese gen Z

What is Guochao marketing “GUO CHAO” (literally “national trend”) refers to the increase consumer favoritism towards Chinese brands, designs and culture. Guochao consumers embrace Chinese cultural designs and products made in China. 75% of Chinese consumers surveyed state they like products that incorporate Guochao design elements. To learn more about Guochao marketing, we conducted in-depth […]

How Chinese brands like Uma Wang leverage Western fashion trends

western fashion trends That Chinese brands should know

This analysis on what Chinese brands should know about Western fashion trends is a part of our 7 Continents initiative where we offer our market research and strategy consulting services to Chinese brands. Learn more about our 7 Continents global strategy consulting services here. The main changes in Western fashion trends are the rapid development […]

C-beauty gone global: Behind Perfect Diary’s western market entry strategy

Perfect Diary entering the western / global market

If you are looking for a brand that best represents the craze of C-beauty consumption in 2020, Perfect Diary has no rivals. Founded in 2017, the Chinese makeup brand Perfect Diary gained widespread support on social media, with its unique brand positioning “high-end quality at a lower price point”. Its products mainly range from lipsticks, […]

MINISO is regarded as “the most powerful competitor” by MUJI and Watsons

Miniso's China market strategy

MINISO is a Japanese-inspired Chinese retail brand founded by Guofu Ye and Miyake Jyunya. “A better life has nothing to do with the price” is the mission that drives MINISO to deliver well-made goods to value and quality-conscious consumers worldwide. MINISO’s revenue exceeded 170 billion RMB (2.4 billion USD) in 2019 and it has opened […]

OPPO’s market strategy proves the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements

Oppo's market strategy

OPPO is an electronic and mobile communication company, founded by Tony Chen. The Chinese smartphone brand’s product lines include smartphones, Blu-ray players and more. Owning the largest market share in China’s smartphone market in 2016, OPPO ranked first place among all smartphone brands, accounting for 18% of the market share. According to IDC 2020 Q2 […]

How LELECHA broke into China’s milk tea market with two “dirty” products

Lelecha new-style tea brand in China

In 2017, the new-style “milk tea” exploded out of the blue into China’s tea market. In Shanghai, many internet-famous (wang hong 网红) milk tea brands, such as Hey Tea (喜茶) and LELECHA (乐乐茶), have become a big hit. The new LELECHA opening in Xintiandi (新天地) went viral on social media. The lineup was no less […]