Comparison of market research in China vs the West: what you may not know about market research in China | daxue consulting

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The common Framework of Market research Market research is important in helping organizations to make informed business decision by collecting insights and using data. Through market research, a company could identify the potential growth possibilities and risk factors by learning about the consumer market, the local cultural and the unique challenges of the industry.  Market […]

What is the recipe for successful China market entry? | Daxue Consulting

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China market entry plan Entering the Chinese market is a challenging process. Understanding China’s business culture and political environment, and adapting to that, can help your brand, product, or service development in China. Daxue Consulting provides comprehensive market entry support for any international brand or company looking to enter the Chinese market. Step-by-step China Market Entry […]

The Chinese Fashion Accessories Market Is Facing Unprecedented Growth

fashion accessories market in China

The fashion accessories market in China is showing a high-speed growth. For example, China has been the second largest jewelry market in the world in 2017 (around 671 billion RMB market size). As estimated, the sales revenue of fashion bags and accessories in China will be doubled from 2016 to 2019. Not only the market […]

Why to Focus on Specialty Chemicals in the Chinese Chemicals Market

Chinese Chemicals Market

Drawing on our last market report about the chemical industry in China, this article shows the results of our recently conducted market research in the Chinese chemicals market. We found that China is importing less and less organic chemicals. However, the import from Germany remains steady. At Daxue Consulting, we expect the overall market share […]

Coke market in China

The consumption of Chinese soft drink is quite huge, of course coke takes much of it. As we all know, in summer people drink more coke because of hot weather, so consequently coke corporations do most of their advertisements in these season in order to stimulate the market. But it’s not all about positive affairs, […]

Hand Tools Market in China

Landscape of Tool Market in China Based on the purpose of tools, this large section can be classified into hardware tools, building hardware, daily hardware, locks & abrasive tools, kitchen hardware, household tools, Furniture Fittings, and Components & Parts. Among those categories, tools used for gardening, household, and car maintenance are in a sales performance […]

Market Research on Bathroom and Kitchen Decoration in China

Strategy of the top 5 brands in the sector as for their online strategy KOHLER One of the most famous foreign brand of bath and kitchen fixtures Arrived in Hong Kong in 1995, Kohler set up its office to kick off its development in Chinese market. 4 years later, Kohler chose Shanghai as its China’s […]

Market Research on Retail for Babyfood in China

Current State Babyfood, mainly food for the weaning period, has the fastest development among the many sectors of baby supplies. Currently, the annual market volume is about 600 thousand tons, and is still increasing. Take the market for milk powder as an example. Although babies only account for 16.5% of all milk powder consuming population, […]

Market Research on Avene in China

Avene is a relatively young brand with less than ten years of history. It originates from Cevennes in Southwest France. The products of Avene are categorized as comeceuticals – the products that lie between pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and they are called functional cosmetics in China. Now, Avene has products for women’s and men’s skin care, […]

SNS in China

  Founded in 2010, Shanghai-based Ushi is another strong competitor which focuses on more senior business. According Founded in 2010, Shanghai-based Ushi is another strong competitor which focuses on more senior business. According to the research from Technode, 12,000 CEOs, 5000 CTOs and 74% of VCs active in China are in Ushi’s network. It currently […]