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Market analysis: Jean-Luc Colombo in China

Market analysis: Jean-Luc Colombo in China

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Daxue is China’s top strategic-driven research consulting firm, offering a variety of services for those wishing to enter the China market. We source talent and experts from a variety of fields to complete market research through well-known methodologies such as documentary research, store-checks, focus groups, interviews, and benchmark tests - all at a very competitive price thanks to our business model and world-class expertise in China. Each of our projects are tailor-made and implement the latest technological smart tools. As China experts, Daxue is here to help you make the most of this unique market.

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Chinadoc - March 8, 2013

Amy this article doesn’t make much sense, there is no way you can just compare totally different regions and styles of alcohol like this in one short article.

Barney - March 29, 2013

Not very well researched. I do not believe Marie Brizard is any longer in the wine business since their former parent company went bust. And what does Mr. Colombo have to do with them or Gaja?


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