China Paradigm 117: Finding your sweet spot in China’s B2B food scene

China’s B2B food scene

Matthieu David interviews Founder at Maik’s Gourmet & passionate chef and F&B consultant. The Food and Beverage industry is a very competitive one in China and that’s why having a strong backend and a quality frontend are the factors that will make business in China’s B2B food scene succeed. Maik’s Gourmet provides F&B businesses with […]

The success of Nayuki, the Chinese new-style tea store going global

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In contrast to the downfall of the Chinese coffee-based beverage company Luckin Coffee, China’s new style tea market did not cease to expand during the pandemic which caused major economic recessions across the globe. Nayuki, A local Chinese new style tea company, announced its new round of funding this June, which was a nearly 100-million-dollar […]

Bayer in China: How the Pharma giant gained the strong approval of Chinese consumers

Bayer in China

Overview of Bayer and Bayer China Bayer AG is a global enterprise with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and agriculture. Bayer, headquartered in Leverkusen, Germany, is one of the most famous companies among the world’s top 500 enterprises. In 2019, the total number of Bayer’s employees was 103,824 and the […]

The ready-to-eat soup market in China reached a new high during COVID-19

The ready-to-eat soup market in China

Chinese consume a massive amount of soup 60% of Chinese families eat soup every day, meaning about 500 million bowls of soup are consumed nationwide every day, 320 billion bowls of soup every year. The average person consumes 4.6 bowls of soup per week. That is to say, the magnitude of the soup market in […]

The premium seafood market in China

Premium seafood market in China

China is a traditional fishing country that accounts for two-thirds of worldwide aquaculture. With the growing middle class and the rise of disposable income, the Chinese purchase a progressively more diverse basket of seafood products and the premium seafood market in China is expanding. Demand for luxury seafood products has increased significantly in China over […]

The tableware market in China: Is disposable tableware on its way out?

the tableware market in China

The revenue of the tableware market in China was 213.24 billion yuan in 2017, increasing from 205.68 billion yuan in 2016. The size of the market grows consistently, metal-ware takes up the largest share of the market, ceramics come next and glass is a relatively small share. Data source: Zhiyan consulting, Size of China’s tableware […]