Behind the industry of counterfeit products in China and lawsuit success cases

counterfeit products in China

Forgeries of luxury-brand products are more prevalent in China than in any other country in the world. When on the metro or walking down the street, it can seem as if nearly everyone is sporting a flashy brand name product. But much deadlier than casual counterfeits are the “real fakes”– counterfeit goods so similar to […]

IKEA in China: Big Furniture Retail Adapts to the Chinese Market

Ikea in China

China has enjoyed rapid economic development since it opened its doors to the international market. The living conditions in China have significantly improved due to the economic strength China has gained. With the continuous improvements, the purchase power parity has driven China’s furniture market to develop. The population of China has become more willing to invest in home […]

China Paradigm Transcript #111: Market analytics expert on her career in data monitoring and tracking and how analyzing data for the healthcare industry led to her leveraging those skills to start a successful website

analyzing data for the healthcare industry

Find here China Paradigm episode 111.  Carole Gabay has been analyzing data on behalf of international marketing companies her whole career. 15 years ago, she switches from consumer goods data analysis to begin a career in analyzing data for the healthcare industry. She creates tools that make the data easier to read for her clients and […]

The olive oil market in China driven by health-oriented consumers

EVOO market in China olive oil

While extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) may be a staple in many countries’ cuisine, especially in southern Europe, it only has a very marginal use in China. Usually associated with foreign brands and healthy cooking, EVOO is rarely used in Chinese kitchens where soybean and rapeseed oils are more prevalent. Healthier cooking habits drive Chinese […]

How millenials and low-tier cities are shaping China’s jewelry market

China's jewelry market, chinese jewelry, chow tai fook, chinese bridal jewelry

China is becoming a consumption-led economy, which bodes well for retail in China, especially the luxury sector . China’s jewelry market is still dominated by foreign brands. Corresponding to the growing demands, distinct and revolutionized consumer needs appear, such as customization. The online and second-hand jewelry market has soared recently. China’s jewelry market can afford to approach […]

Second-hand e-commerce in China reaches demand from a new generation of consumers

second-hand e-commerce market in China

Under the Chinese context, the word “Second-hand” (二手货) does not have a positive perception, as the previous generation of consumers do not take pride in consuming used product. It is a stereotype from the last consumer era in China when people were looking for “brand-new”, “luxury” and “possessions”. However, as the economy has matured, growth […]

The inbound and domestic M&A market in China

The M&A market in China report

The number of deals has dropped since 2016 In 2019, the value and volume of M&A in China dropped by 14% and 13% respectively from 2018. Both domestic and outbound deals declined especially large deals. Both the volume and value of deals in first half of 2020 drastically dropped while the world was battling COVID-19. […]

How LELECHA broke into China’s milk tea market with two “dirty” products

Lelecha new-style tea brand in China

In 2017, the new-style “milk tea” exploded out of the blue into China’s tea market. In Shanghai, many internet-famous (wang hong 网红) milk tea brands, such as Hey Tea (喜茶) and LELECHA (乐乐茶), have become a big hit. The new LELECHA opening in Xintiandi (新天地) went viral on social media. The lineup was no less […]

Who are Chinese netizens? Analysis on Internet Users in China

Internet users in China; Chinese netizens

Currently China has 904 million Internet users, which is equal to 65% of the population. The unique thing about the usage of Internet in China is that 99.1% of total Chinese internet use is through mobile instead of laptop or desktop. Currently there are 897 million mobile users in China. Hence, the future growth of […]