Daxue Talks 89: Online strategies for fashion brands in the Chinese market


In this episode, our guest Olivier Vérot from Gentleman Marketing Agency (GMA) talks about the online presence of fashion brands in the Chinese market. He explains the role of branded websites, describes the different SEO strategies, and shares information on how to open a Tmall store in China. Jump to questions: 0:00 Introduction 0:22 When […]

China Paradigm 120: Paving the way for bakeries to enter and grow in China

bakeries in China

Bakeries in China Matthieu David interviews Pierre Gilson, founder and chef at Stoneground Consulting. When it comes to the bakery & pastry industry there is definitely a paradigm in the context of the Chinese market. While westerners consume baked goods and pastries on a daily basis, Chinese consumers enjoy them on relatively special occasions. Pierre […]

China Paradigm 119: Building a leading marketing automation software in WeChat’s ecosystem

marketing automation software

Matthieu David interviews Kai Hong, Chairman and Partner at JINGdigital. Customer Relationship Management is part of the day-to-day life of any company that needs to understand its customers better and in turn offer better services or products. JINGdigital is using is a marketing automation software and has been successfully serving 100+ global Fortune 1000 companies […]

China Paradigm 117: Finding your sweet spot in China’s B2B food scene

China’s B2B food scene

Matthieu David interviews Founder at Maik’s Gourmet & passionate chef and F&B consultant. The Food and Beverage industry is a very competitive one in China and that’s why having a strong backend and a quality frontend are the factors that will make business in China’s B2B food scene succeed. Maik’s Gourmet provides F&B businesses with […]

China Paradigm 116: Contributing to the Chinese circular economy

Chinese circular economy

Chinese circular economy Matthieu David interviews Vincent Djen, Director of Cheng Kung Garments and CEO of REMAKEHUB. The textile industry has consistently been a labor-intensive industry. In this episode, we explore what the future hold for the garment industry and how a circular economy fits into that. Are Chinese consumers already requesting fashion products made […]

China Paradigm transcript #102: The way forward to increase B2B sales in China

increase B2B sales in China

Find here the China Paradigm 102. In this interview, Yoann Delwarde co-founder at infinity growth where he helps CEOs and companies to increase B2B sales in China with integrity. Full transcript below: Welcome to China Paradigm, a show powered by Daxue Consulting where we interview season entrepreneurs and experienced managers in China about their business […]