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Television market in China

television market in China

Overview of the television market in China The television market in China entered a long ‘winter season’ around 4-5 years ago. A series of problems emerged, including the decline in TV sales, the endless price war, and the difficulty in product innovation. In 2018, the retail volume of China’s color TV market was 47.74 million […]

Market research: Clothes for children in China

According to Frost & Sullivan, a US-based market consultancy, annual spending per household on children’s products in urban China increased from $288 in 2005 to $663 in 2009 and is expected to reach $1,256 by the end of next year. Data from the consultancy Euromonitor shows the market value of children’s clothes in China reached 84.6 […]

China market research: Diapers in China

A decade ago, China’s market for disposable diapers was nearly nonexistent. Families used a combination of cloth diapers and “split pants,” baby pants with a large slit in the back that support the traditional method of potty training. Today, the Chinese diaper market is exploding and major diaper brands expect it to continue to grow. […]

Market research: Maternity clothes in China

Maternity clothes around the world have been undergoing significant changes. In both Eastern and Western cultures, there is greater demand for fashionable maternity clothes. In Western cultures the influence of celebrity culture means that pregnant women in the public eye are taking the lead on maternity fashion. As a result, pregnant women are no longer […]

Health care products market in China

With the advancement of infrastructure, the Chinese healthcare industry is entering into a new era of development. A large population-base along with increasing aging population, and continuously growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases are further supporting the advancement of the industry. Moreover, increased government spending, worth US $120 Billion in 2010 has also facilitated the development […]

Distribution: Ice cream in China

Competition in China’s ice cream sector is turning red hot as market players are unveiling their bold expansion plans. International and domestic brands are well-armed with various production, marketing and distribution tactics for the looming war that will determine the nation’s ice cream king. The odds-on favourites to scope up the title as top ice […]

Market research: Skin care in China

Aggressive new product launches along with increasing awareness about professional skin care products will enable the cosmetics market in China to grow significantly in the next two years. Currently, China provides one of the fastest growing and still untapped cosmetics markets in the world. The skin care segment in particular, has been a key growth […]

Diageo in China

Diageo is the leading Premium Alcohol Drinks company and operates within 180 countries globally. It is listed both on the London and New York Stock exchanges. It is headquartered in London with an annual net sales value turnover of 5000 million GBP and an operating profit of 1600 million GBP. It employs approximately 22,000 people […]

The washing machine market in China

In the past and in some rural places in China, people are accustomed to wash clothes by hands; however, as the society develops, more and more people do the laundry by washing machines. It is reported that there were more purchases on washing machines last year, especially roller types. The market turns into a potential […]