How Christmas in China is celebrated and why it is considered controversial

How Chinese celebrate Chris as

Although most Chinese people do not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, in the shopping malls Christmas decorations can be seen starting in early December. From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, as well as Halloween, which has been growing in popularity, more and more western holidays are on Chinese people’s radars. However, the way the Chinese […]

Double 12 2020: Winners and a dying trend?

Double 12 2020

Behind Double 11 and 618, Double 12 is the third largest shopping festival in China. Taobao started the first Double 12 on December 12, 2012, with the purpose to promote small and medium C2C and O2O Taobao sellers. Like all of China’s online promotion festivals, Double 12 now includes most Chinese e-commerce platforms, such as […]

How the Chinese customer experience differs from the US| Daxue Consulting

Chinese customer experience

Chinese Customer Experience Business in China has grown tremendously over the recent past, making it the envy of most of the traditional economic powerhouses such as the U.S. China’s digital market is breaking borders and records at every corner. But why does it seem so effortless for Chinese businesses to grow? Well, CX professionals attribute […]

Singles’ Day vs. Black Friday: Does Singles’ Day win it all?

Singles’ Day vs. Black Friday

Singles’ Day vs. Black Friday: how do they compare to each other? Singles’ Day vs. Black Friday. The Christmas holiday shopping season is here! After the Double Eleven shopping festival, Black Friday took place last Friday. Both events have broke records, but how do they compare to each other? Looking at the figures, Singles’ Day achieved […]