Checking the health of online clothing rental services in China

online clothing rental services in China

According to a report jointly released by Bain & Co. and the TMall Luxury Division, mainland China accounted for 20% of the world’s luxury industry last year and it is going to become the largest luxury market by 2025. Unlike the in the past, nowadays Chinese consumers’ reluctance to purchase pre-owned luxury clothing is gradually […]

Swarovski in China

Swarovski in China

As a family-owned business, Swarovski was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski. Today, the Swarovski Crystal Business (producing branded crystal jewelry and accessories) is a leading jewelry brand in China and around the world. It has a  global reach of approximately 3,000 stores in around 170 countries, more than 29,000 employees, and a revenue of […]

Ralph Lauren China | Case study of a late entrant in luxury

Ralph Lauren in China

Ralph Lauren: Late arrival in China Ralph Lauren Corporation is an upscale American lifestyle company and fashion retailer founded by American designer Ralph Lauren. The company focuses on high-end clothes for men and women. Widely recognized for its Polo Ralph Lauren flagship label, Ralph Lauren Corporation also manages several other brands. Ralph Lauren in China […]

How China’s digital landscape shapes the thriving luxury footwear market

China luxury market

The luxury footwear market in China reaps the benefits of the overall luxury industry’s success As an important category in luxury, the footwear market in China is closely associated with the performance of the overall China luxury market. Despite some slowdown in previous years, the luxury market in China still appears to be very prominent […]

Luxury Brands Strategy in China in 2015

Luxury Brands Strategy in China

China is huge, but very difficult market, especially for luxury brands. Thanks to the rapid urbanization in China over recent years, the development of cities has been remarkable. Small and medium-sized cities, in particular, have attracted a massive number of rural migrants. Rising consumption in these smaller cities has created a huge demand for luxury […]

Luxury goods market in China

luxury goods market in china

Luxury goods market in China: Optimistic Prospects? The potential of luxury goods market in China It is predicted that China will account for about 20%, and ¥180 billion luxury sales in the world in the year of 2011. Even during the global recession, sales of luxury goods in China mainland increased by 16%, reaching nearly […]

Market research: Second hand luxury market in China

second-hand luxury market in China

Market research: Second hand luxury market in China The Second hand luxury market in China is still in its early stages, but is showing signs of huge growth potential. In 2013, the market was valued at about RMB 3 billion, benefiting from a 30% annual growth rate. That year, there were 823 second-hand luxury shops in the […]

BMW in China

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) defines China as its mature market segment doesn’t mean it neglects China as one of its important markets. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, best known as BMW, is a German automobile, motorcyle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1917. In 2010, the BMW group produced 1,481,253 automobiles and 112,271 motorcycles across all its brands. […]

Market report: Pierre Cardin in China

Market report: Pierre Cardin in China More about Fashion market in China Pierre Cardin: the first international brand to enter China The relationship between Pierre Cardin and China dates back to 1978. He was the first famous European fashion designer to ever come to China. At that time, China had not yet emerged from the Cultural […]