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C beauty market in China

C-beauty brands’ secrets to success report

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The beauty sector in China developed steadily in recent years, but most notably, has been the rise of C-beauty brands. China had become the world’s second largest beauty market in 2019. The sales of skincare products accounted for more than half of the beauty market in China. The total retail sales of the beauty sector in China reached 299 billion RMB in 2019.

This China beauty market report was created in partnership with Double V. Consulting.

The secrets to success for emerging C-beauty brands

The beauty market was hit hard by COVID-19, but quickly recovered, annual beauty sales only slightly decreased. Cosmetics’ sales volume in China declined by 29.9% in February 2020 compared with the same period in 2019. However it had recovered by April. During the outbreak, people consumed and talked more about skincare products than cosmetics.

As domestic Chinese beauty brands are now in the spotlight of China’s resilient beauty market, this report details the market strategies of four top C-beauty brands.

These four top C-beauty brands include

Marketing strategies employed by these C-beauty brands include

  • Private traffic, which is funneling consumer traffic to platforms where brands have more control over the messages and data, such as WeChat groups managed by virtual KOCs.
  • Live-streaming, including collaborations with KOLs but also featuring more authoritative figures such as dermatologists.
  • KOL and KOC marketing, through live-streaming and social media posts
  • Targeting “skintellectuals” through ingredient-based marketing and scientific messaging.
  • Co-branding with IP from a variety of industries, such as national monuments and KOLs pets.
  • Leveraging traditional Chinese elements, colors, and other aspects of Guochao marketing in product packaging.

Important stats for rising C-beauty brands

In addition to the Chinese market, many Chinese beauty brands are now going global

Read about the sudden success of Florasis abroad, and Perfect Diary’s market strategy in the west.

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