Podcast transcript #86: A promising company developing games for the Middle East from China

China's game industry

Find here the China Paradigm 86 and experience the game industry in China with Vincent Gossub, a company that specializes in adapting and developing games for the Middle East from China. Full transcript below: Matthieu David: Hello everyone. This is China Paradigm, where we, Daxue Consulting, interview seasoned entrepreneurs in China. Hello everyone. Today, I […]

Daxue Talks 35: How can businesses in China minimize the effects of coronavirus?

effects of coronavirus

Businesses in China minimize the effects of coronavirus What are the legal rights of Chinese entrepreneurs during the virus outbreak? How can entrepreneurs in China, with the help of legal instruments, minimize the financial impact of the actual crisis? In this episode, Nicolas Coster, a business lawyer, discusses the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak from […]

China Paradigm 91: Is the golden age for psychotherapy in China yet to come?

psychotherapy in China

Matthieu David interviews David Ammerschlaeger, a psychotherapist and executive & corporate coach at Excellence for Professionals and PsiCare blog author. Practicing psychotherapy in China is truly a paradigm. The economical layout, the way healthcare is provided there and may other factors come into play when trying to develop a proper framework for psychoanalysis. How much […]