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Balabala: the leading brand in China’s children’s wear market

Founded in 2002, Balabala (巴拉巴拉) is a Chinese brand producing clothes and accessories for children from 0 to 14 years old. It is part of the Semir Group, one of the top 5 apparel groups in China by market share. The brand has gained increasing popularity recently and is now the number-one brand in the […]

Little emperors: A glimpse into China’s luxury childrenswear market

China's luxury childrenswear

According to a report jointly released by Bain & Co. and the TMall Luxury Division, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, several luxury brands in China ended the year 2020 with a two- or three-digit growth rate. Considering these figures, nowadays Chinese consumers undoubtedly play a major role in the global luxury market and their importance is […]

Children’s Apparel in China: How to Attract Parents’ Urge to Buy

With the recent relaxation of the one-child policy in China, the Chinese family structure is subject to a change. With expected increase number of children in China, children’s apparel’s market is expected to future grow. As the disposable income among Chinese parents increase, the percentage of that income spent on children’s apparel is also expected […]

Market research : children’s wear in China

China Kids Clothes Market

The overall market of clothes in China and especially market of children’s wear is one of the market with the highest potential for development in China. The demand for children’s wear are continuously increasing. It is forecasted by China consultants that the yearly increasing rate will be 8% in future. Based on the material of […]