White-collar workers in China: Chasing the Chinese dream on 8,000 to 11,000 RMB a month

Lives of White collar consumers in China

Similar to western countries, white-collar workers in China are widely pictured as symbols of leisure-oriented lifestyles. With supposed decent pay, a nice office, and stylish clothing. However, with inflation and surging housing prices, white collars lead a more difficult life than expected. Drafted in early 2012, the criteria  circulating on the internet that classify white-collar […]

The Bao fa hu in China

  How have the Chinese super-rich become super-rich? The Bao Fa Hu is the very large and powerful group of overnight millionaires or billionaires who have little “cultural worth,” . Bao Fa means “explosively rich” and Hu means “group.” Western countries call them “new money”. According to the statistics, the population of Bao fa hu […]