Market study: Adult products industry in China

Overview of Adult Product Industry in China Traditionally, in the minds of most Chinese people, sex is a taboo topic that should be avoided to discuss about in public. However, the the sex industry’s rapid development in China contradicts this reserved attitude. Currently, you can easily find various brand of adult products in China. For […]

Market report: Technogym in China

Market report: Technogym in China More market report in China Technogym was founded in 1983, headquartered in Cesena, Italy. Due to its continuous development and innovation, Technogym has now become one of the world leaders in the products and services industry  for training and rehabilitation. The company also promotes the wellness lifestyle, a way of […]

Market study: Paclantic, baby wear in China

Paclantic is a company producing professional children’s clothing and products created by international investment and cooperation. The company was founded in 1994 when the Chinese children’s wear industry was still undeveloped. The company witnessed a 10-year surge in the development of the children’s clothing industry in China. Through the continuing efforts of all staff, Paclantic […]

Market study: Smartbox in China

What Is Smartbox? Smartbox is a new concept of sending gifts. It allows users to choose a bundle of gift cards and activity/getaways within a given theme and gift it to others. It has an attractive appearance and is easy to use. It also offers a variety of different themed gift boxes and each gift […]

Market Study: Cheese Market in China

Overview of Cheese Market in China Traditionally, there was barely a market for cheese in the past in the past, but the tastes of Chinese consumers are changing fast and cheese is becoming one of the most popular foods among China’s large cities. This burgeoning growing has been supported by the increasing health awareness and […]

B2C 3C Product Purchasers in China

In year 2010, there were 32.19 million B2C 3C purchasers in China, which is 32.4% of the total B2C purchasers. 3C product is the category that has achieved fast development over the recent years online. The first reason is that with the help of the internet, they have great comparative advantage in product price, thus […]

Market study: B2C book purchasers in China

In 2010, the number of B2C book purchasers in China reached 22.06 million, accounting for 32.4% of total B2C purchasers. Books were one of the earliest goods sold online in China. In 2010, there was another sales boom in B2C book purchasing. Dangdang began its e-book market, and 360buy opened its book category. The competition between […]

Market research: Children’s products in China

Disney What do kids between the ages 6 and 10 enjoy the most? Walt Disney seems to have a pretty good idea with their product offering of cartoons, games, toys, and other forms of childish entertainment. Children not only from China, but throughout the world are crazy about cartoon characters and their related products including […]

Market study: Henan Jinxing Brewery Group

Jinxing Brewery Group, established in October 1995, is a large Chinese beer company. Its yearly production amounts to two million tons, making it the largest beer brewer in the Henan(河南) Province. In addition, it has been one of the top four Chinese beer companies for four consecutively years. Currently, it has 18 production bases in […]

5 Leading Western Banks & Investment Funds in China

Goldman Sachs Introduction The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global investment firm that engages in a wide range of financial services including investment banking, securities sales and trading, investing and lending, investing management and market research. Its client base is mainly financial institutions. Besides, it also provides services to corporations, governments and high-net-worth […]