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China’s flower industry flourishes in the wake of changing consumer habits

flower shop

The Chinese flower industry has experienced notable changes in consumer behavior post-COVID. While traditionally, flowers were primarily purchased for festivals and celebrations, there’s been a noticeable shift towards buying flowers on regular days to infuse romance into their daily life. Moreover, in 2023, there has been a surge in fresh-cut flower sales, and the Chinese […]

Nike in China: A tale of community engagement and women’s empowerment


Nike first entered the Chinese market in 1981, and its growth was characterized by a unique approach. Instead of directly introducing its products, Nike in China opted to support sports clubs and athletic events. A pivotal moment occurred during the 2008 Beijing Olympics when Nike proactively sponsored multiple sports teams, effectively extending its brand presence across […]

Winning beyond medals: the economic triumph of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou

Asian games

The 19th Asian Games, held in Hangzhou, China, is not just a sports event; it is a symbol of resilience and unity. Delayed by one year due to the pandemic, this grand sporting spectacle finally started on September 23rd, 2023, and lasted until October 8th. With 45 countries participating and about 12,000 athletes competing across […]

The outdoor sports market in China keeps growing after Covid

By the end of 2021, more than 400 million Chinese people participated in outdoor sports nationwide. After Covid, increasingly more people showed interest in outdoor activities, including camping, cycling, and ultimate frisbee. According to a survey report from Nanjing Metropolis Daily in 2022 (N=1,033), 69.32% of the respondents participated in outdoor sports at least once […]

The Zero-COVID lockdown’s long-term impact on Chinese consumption


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 and the consequent containment measures have forced consumers to stay at home, as a result, shopping habits significantly shifted. Indeed, the pandemic accelerated health awareness in China: fitness and weight have become some of the hottest topics on social media platforms like Weibo, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and WeChat, […]

The adult toys market in China: untapped economic potential

adult toys market in China

Over the past 20 years, China has become more and more open. Sex is still a sensitive subject but consumer attitudes and the policies of the Chinese government are more flexible. The adult toys market in China is unfolding and is largely untapped.  Download our report on China’s adult toys market E-commerce, brand image, strong consumer […]

The Silver Economy in China: Consumption trends of China’s aging population

pensions in china

What is the state of China’s silver economy? Often referred to as the seniors’ Market, the Silver Economy in China covers all products and services intended for people aged 60 and older. As stated in its name, the Silver Economy is not only a ”market”  but also functions as an “economy”. Senior citizens in China […]