Art Schools in China: more and more Chinese Art Students

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Art Schools in China: a surplus of Chinese art students Will Arts schools in China succeed in retaining Chinese students? Today, there are very few Art schools in China. Increasing numbers of Chinese students are leaving the country to study art abroad at university and college-level. Over the last five years, universities and colleges in […]

Will the Rise of the Chinese Universities bring Chinese Millennials Back Home?

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There has been a shift in the balance of scales of higher education from the West to the East. Asian universities increased from holding just 8 spots to 18 in 2015 on World University League tables published by the Times newspaper. Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore are major contributors to this, as well China. In particular, Tsinghua and Peking Universities have […]

Consulting China: Recruiting Chinese students to study abroad

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Consulting China: Recruiting Chinese students to study abroad With a pool of millions of Chinese high school students, China offers a strong potential for foreign universities and schools. By the end of this year, there should be nearly 550,000 Chinese students studying abroad. But the competition between countries and universities to recruit Chinese is fierce […]