Linking Chinese healthcare R&D and the Chinese healthcare industry with the rest of the world: China Paradigm transcript #124 with Douglas Corley

Chinese healthcare R&D

This transcript is based on our interview with Douglas Corley, an American healthcare entrepreneur and a bridge between Chinese healthcare R&D and western healthcare institutions. Douglas Corley is the founder and CEO of DHB Global in China. DHB Global provides clients with expert advice on the Chinese healthcare industry. Listen to the full episode of […]

The Silver Economy in China: Consumption trends of China’s aging population

pensions in china

What is the state of China’s silver economy? Often referred to as the seniors’ Market, the Silver Economy in China covers all products and services intended for people aged 60 and older. As stated in its name, the Silver Economy is not only a ”market”  but also functions as an “economy”. Senior citizens in China […]

Healthcare of Children in China

Although China has been enjoying a remarkably low child and mother mortality rate when compared to other developing countries, children that have critical diseases are often left on their own to survive with minimal health care currently provided by the Chinese government. China’s medical care isn’t necessarily advanced enough; it is just that the families […]

Fitness Centers in China: Adapting the Demand of Chinese Consumers

To know more about the Fitness industry in China, contact us at  Fitness Centers in China Over the past 20 years, Chinese fitness centers moved from wealthy people’s trend to an essential for all. As the living standard for Chinese people increase, people are more concerned with their health. China’s fitness center begin late, starting around […]