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Gen Z in China

The Luxury industry has shown great interest in Gen-Z consumers in China With the upgrade of living standards, Gen-Z consumers in China ’s ability to purchase luxury brands is increasing. In China’s first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, almost all major shopping malls are home to foreign luxury brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, […]

China Market: Milk Powder’s Market in China

China Market shares According to the CCTV News, the sales of foreign brand milk powder takes up 60% – 65% of total national sales in China. Even in the most of first and second tier cities, foreign brand milk powder has occupied most of the market. The total volume of importing milk powder has already […]

China baby market

Since single-child policy was carried out in China, Chinese parents have come to put all their heart on their only-child so that they always spare no effort to let him enjoy a good life quality.  Similarly, they would prefer to suffer living without brand to save money for buying goods with excellent reputation to ensure […]