How to do Guochao marketing: In-depth interviews with Chinese gen Z

What is Guochao marketing “GUO CHAO” (literally “national trend”) refers to the increase consumer favoritism towards Chinese brands, designs and culture. Guochao consumers embrace Chinese cultural designs and products made in China. 75% of Chinese consumers surveyed state they like products that incorporate Guochao design elements. To learn more about Guochao marketing, we conducted in-depth […]

Feiyue’s global success proves the demand for Chinese cultural exports

Feiyue's global success

From the first registration of the Feiyue trademark in China in 1958, to 2006 when Patrice Bastian bought Feiyue’s trademark ownership in the European Union, and then to the renewed popularity of Dafu Feiyue after innovation by the inspiration of Culture Matters (CM), the Chinese street shoe brand’s road to international fame is anything but […]

Florasis is conquering the Chinese beauty market with elegantly oriental products

Florasis Chinese cosmetics brand

The Florasis brand was founded on March 8, 2017 in Hangzhou, China. In Chinese language the brand name is pronounced Hua Xizi (花西子), which means “make up with flowers”. It refers to the use of floral ingredients in their cosmetics. Xizi is also the honorary name for one of the ancient Chinese beauties. This Chinese cosmetics brand hopes to […]

Modern Chinese fashion: Poetry, heritage, tech-forward and impact are the four upcoming trends

modern Chinese fashion and streetwear

As the structure of mass consumption has undergone major changes in China, modern Chinese fashion is following new trends. Nowadays, “displaying power, connecting industries, and promoting ecology” has become the mission of many Chinese fashion brands. With the deepening of international fashion exchanges and cooperation, Chinese traditional elements and oriental aesthetics have received great attention. […]

Understanding Chinese sense of humor through ads

Chinese sense of humor shown in advertisements

Navigating the Chinese sense of humor can be incredibly difficult for individuals, let alone brands marketing to Chinese consumers. Although appealing to Chinese through funny advertisements is certainly effective, brands must understand the barriers, the taboos, versus the sweet spots of Chinese humor. The first thing that westerners need to wrap their head around when […]

Movies in China: The nation soon-to-be the world’s largest box office

Movie industry in China

If the Chinese movie industry did not immediately adopt the upward trend of other Chinese sectors which have been on since the late 80’s, when it finally did, it did so spectacularly. Starting from 2005, the Chinese movie industry revenue has soared, and new cinema screens took a more than tenfold increase. Today, movies in […]

Why China Market Research must Examine Culture

China market research and culture

China has enormous geographical disparities and socioeconomic variations across its regions. Consumer preferences evolve rapidly and sometimes even erratically. These cultural considerations should be taken into account when conducting China market research. It poses unique challenges to dominant and maintain dominance in the Chinese market. For instance, Uber, the senior leaders of Uber did their […]

Podcast transcript #65: Through the eyes of a psychological therapist in China: How important is it to understand the psychology of the Chinese consumer in order to develop a business in the Middle Kingdom?

psychological therapist in China

Find here the China Paradigm episode 65. Learn more from Zhang Ying Fei’s psychological therapist experience, about how to understand the psychology of Chinese consumers in order to set up a business in China. MATTHIEU DAVID: Hi everyone. I am Matthieu David, the founder of Daxue Consulting, a Chinese market research company based in Beijing, […]