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How Chinese video streaming platforms are adapting to the rise of short videos

China’s video streaming platforms

In 2022, China boasted a thriving and highly developed internet ecosystem, with over 1 billion users and and impressive internet penetration rate of 76.5%. This vibrant digital landscape provides ample opportunities for improvement in various aspects of digital life. Chinese users are known to spend extended periods on internet platforms, especially via their mobile devices. […]

Bilibili: China’s leading platform for ACGN and beyond

Bilibili the Chinese video platform

Bilibili, also known as B-site (B站), is a popular Chinese video streaming platform founded in 2009. In the beginning, it was a small and niche business concerned with the creation and sharing of videos about the Anime, Comics, Games and Novels (ACGN) subculture. However, over the years, Bilibili gained popularity and enriched its content, quickly […]

Podcast transcript #89: How do companies produce marketing video content in China?

video marketing in China

Find here the China paradigm episode 89. Learn more about Carlotta Godio (FLATMIND’s co-founder) story in China and how she produces marketing video content in China. Full transcript below: Hello everyone, this is China paradigm where we Daxue Consulting interview season entrepreneurs in China. Matthieu David: Hello everyone, I’m Matthieu David the founder of Daxue […]

Youku, the Leading Video Sharing Sites in China

Staying at home, what would you choose to have fun? The majority of people will choose to watch a movie or TV series online, which has been pervasive in modern life. In terms of this, YouTube has dominated the whole market. Nevertheless, it is banned in China. The famous and aggressive video website in China […]